Friends and cupcakes.  They kind of go hand in hand, don’t they?  Save for the sometimes necessary single girl cupcake binges, I rarely eat cupcakes alone.  Cupcakes are a great way to make and keep friends, while great friends provide a good excuse to make cupcakes.  See how this works?

Like this girl.  I don’t often make friends with children since they kind of freak me out.  What, with their constant staring, uncanny ability to repeat every bad word that comes out of my potty mouth, and ineptitude at hiding their feelings.   But since I’m always the girl with the cupcakes, kids usually want to make friends with me.  This little chica (with her hot pink dress and matching manicure) told me she wants to be a “cupcake maker” when she grows up.  Since I too dream of spreading joy through pastry, we bonded.

Besides a mutual love of handheld desserts, we were both celebrating our soon to be wed friends B & W.  B requested these mexican chocolate cupcakes and almond strawberry cupcakes as a practice run for the wedding which I am so delighted to be baking for soon.

See, it all come full circle: friends beget cupcakes, cupcakes beget friends. They really do go hand in hand.  Well, actually ones goes in the other’s hand but let’s not get too technical, cupcakes are supposed to be fun after all…


Hope to see you at New Taste Market this Saturday, April 2nd from 4-9pm at St Gregory’s In Potrero Hill.  Same Bat Place, different Bat Time!  I won’t be bringing cupcakes but there will be whoopie pies…a new and exciting iteration of handheld desserts for us to bond over!  I was pleasantly surprised to sell out pretty quickly at last month’s market so I’ll be bringing more this time…Chocolate Salty Caramel, Lemon with Ginger cream cheese, S’mores, and an as yet undecided fourth flavor sure to illicit quizzical looks with a strong undercurrent of desire.